I am Engaged.... Now What?!?!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am Engaged.... Now What?!?!

First of all let me say CONGRATS to all of you who recently got engaged over the holidays.  It's always so exciting sharing your wonderful news.  With the busyness of the holidays and getting engaged, your mind might be exploding with all the things that need to be done.  First, just breath! Okay, now breath again...it's going to be fine, and fun! Let's begin!

If you already have a date picked - you're a step ahead of the game, go ahead, tell people if you want. If you don't have a date picked, DON'T PANIC, most people do not have a date set when they get engaged, perhaps you have a season in mind, just enjoy this time of being newly engaged.  If you know your wedding is not going to be for another year or so, then relax, you have time, as long as you stay on schedule.  Let's talk Engagement Party.  Is it a must or bust?  Well, that all depends on you.  Traditionally, Engagement Party Etiquette requires the bride's family to host and share the good news with family and close friends.  Don't invite anyone that is not invited to the wedding.  Also, don't expect gifts or the Best Man or Maid of Honor to throw the party - they will have enough duties during the wedding process.  If the Bride and Groom want to throw a party, that's entirely up to you, there are no set rules for an engagement party.  Oh, that reminds me, if you do get gifts, try to open them in private or keep it really low key because you don't want those that didn't get gifts to feel bad or out of place.

Keep it simple.  Traditionally an Engagement party is a cocktail event or something casual.  Decide if you want the party are your house, the Bride's parents house, or local restaurant.  If you go in the direction of having the party at a restaurant, choose just that, a restaurant, not a hall.  A hall is too formal, and many of times you will be able to get a private room at a restaurant at no charge if you just ask.  A rule of thumb, aways price out at least 3 places, that way you have an idea of different price points and if your heart is set on a certain restaurant, you can ask to speak to the manager and tell him/her that you would really like it at their venue, however, another place is willing to give you a private room at no extra charge, would they be willing to d the same? No never know unless you ask.

Guests, again, KEEP IT SIMPLE.  An Engagement party is not a party to invite everyone that is going to be at the wedding. It's a small, intimate event to be shared with loved ones and friends. 

There are websites that you can print free invitations on, send electronic invitations, and an Engagement Party Check List.  I hope this helps!

Printable Invites:

Engagement Party Check List:


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